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This game was made as part of the Jamfuser 2019 Game Jam. Check out all submissions here: Jamfuser

With your grandfather having recently passed away, you’ve come into the possession of his old antique shop. Having shut up shop after your first day of business, you’ve noticed that things aren’t quite as they seem.

Knowing there’s something on your tail, you must find another way out: but will you get out in time, or will the evil that lurks find you first…

You're objective is to solve the four puzzles inside the antique store, which are as follows:

  • Arrange the candles
  • Open the safe
  • Break the Green Vase
  • Rearrange the shelves upstairs

However, you are not alone in this shop; the statue once thought immobile comes alive when the lights go off. Once all the puzzles are complete, you can leave with your life.


  • WASD - Movement
  • Space - Jump
  • F - Move Shelves
  • Left Click - Select
  • Right Click - Toggle Flashlight
  • 1-6 - Quickbar Select

This game represents our first game jam as a team, and as such there may be optimisation problems and bugs. If you have any feedback or suggestions please consider giving a comment about where we can improve.

You can find us on twitter at: https://twitter.com/definelogicusw


LastAntiqueStore 563 MB

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It was a little sensitive in the movements. I like this style  of an escape room type of game. I like the aspect of something chasing me.


Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and out of the 3 i was the most excited to play this one. Was a little let down, but it can definitely be improved. Lower the font size and change the font and position, decrease the inventory size and reticle size, stop text from overlapping. stop fps camera from pivoting around a center point, make flashlight follow camera, add clearer objective (Couldn't really understand what i was doing) and just add some all around polish (And maybe get rid of the Dark Souls *YOU DIED*). All in all, i really enjoyed the concept and was a very interesting experience. Can't wait to see it progress. You can watch my playthrough as well as my more in-depth review below! 

Hey guys, we're so thrilled to see the positive response to our first project as a team and wanted to let you know that we are working to fix or improve much of the original version.

So far we have improved how the statue acts when in front of the player but behind a wall, and are working to return the highlight feature that we were working on before the deadline. 

However development has been slow as we are about two months from our final submission for our University courses and are also in the process of applying for Tranzfuser, a great contest that, should we get in,  will help us on our journey to setting up a studio after graduation. 

Thank you all for being patient, your support means the world to us.

Seb :)


Okay, so I know I already did a Let's Play on this game BUT it was driving me nuts and I had to finish it. Soooo, here is the full game!


This was a lot of fun. Needs a little work but overall I enjoyed my time in The Last Antique Store! 


I liked this game but DAMN it was frustrating! Someone PLEASE tell me how to do the she

lf puzzle!!!

Hey thanks for playing, and great video! The shelf puzzle is a little confusing but on the table in the center of the room is a photo that shows the correct arrangement. We made this project for a game jam, and had a number of problems compiling the project before the submission and a couple features broke or weren't added in time, such as a highlight on intractable objects and a blink mechanic. Since we had such fun making this game and are pumped to see it finished, we will be fixing these problems over the next two weeks. We would love it if you checked back later to play the game after these changes or kept an eye out for development updates.

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The monster is an absolute qt and nice easter egg with the pictures my dudes. c:

Movement feels solid + responsive. As well as the environment being dece as heck. I only managed to finish the candle puzzle as I'm actually a mongoloid but was overall a good experience. 

Good shit 👍

Any chance of getting personalized setting anytime soon? it runs at 10fps for me.

yeah, the project was made for a game jam, so it is pretty poorly optimised right now, but we hope to work on it more this week to finish things we couldn't get done in time as well as to improve performance


Loved the character in this game! Great job!

Thank you so much 😊 our character artist will be glad to hear that

HEY , the link dosen't work

Works when we try it, does it say anything about why it doesn't work? Such as restricted access?

We've changed from Drive to Dropbox, hopefully link works now

Thanks for downloading The Last Antique Store by TheCabbageManCan. The download should start momentarily. If it doesn't, check your popup blocker. but NOTHING HAPPENS EVEN IF I DISABLE THE POP BLOCKER  :/

Hmm, we'll try changing the link again though others have downloaded no problem

I'd try it once more time, if this still doesn't work it might be something on your end :(


i tried another browser and it redirected me to the game,  it works :)

Great to hear :)